Pricing on merchandise articles

In this category you can find everything for pricing your merchandise. Save your price tags with our Protective Pouches in many different sizes and formats. Fixed with the Gergel Adhesive Button and fitting Locking Rings it is the ideal combination for pricing your products. For pricing of upholstery, pillows a.s.o. just shoot in the tacking threads with the labeling pistol. As accessories we have hang-on-tags in many different formats and specifications. For pricing carpets we offer fitting tags and tacking pliers. With the Pricing Device you can position your article numbers and prices and print them directly on the Adhesive Labels (choose from many different colours and sizes).

For all items applies: Special Designs and Formats on request! Please ask for it!

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Haftetiketten für CONTACT und Standard 1-Zeiler

price labeler CONTACT

Ruck-Zuck-Druck Etikettenbogen

Ruck-Zuck-Druck Anhänge-Etiketten

Ruck-Zuck-Druck Etikettenbogen

Aktions-Anhänge-Etiketten Jetzt 40 x 60 mm

from €2.05 Plus 16% VAT Free shipping for orders over € 100

Aktions-Anhänge-Etiketten % Sale 40 x 50 mm

from €2.05 Plus 16% VAT Free shipping for orders over € 100

The NEW Banok-Generation 503

Blanko Anhänger

Blanko Anhänger mit Faden

"Der gute Standard"

"Die Vielfältigen" 42 x 60 mm